Season 1: Maine Humor

Season 1 Trailer

This season on There From Here: Maine Humor.

I’m guessing that you have a pretty solid idea of what “Maine Humor” is. Maybe it’s an old white guy giving bad directions to tourists. You’re not entirely wrong!

That being said, as with everything Maine, there’s more to our humor than we show to outsiders.

There From Here (Pilot): Valerie’s

A few years back I started working in Special Collections at the University of Southern Maine. USM has a massive LGBTQ+ collection. Through my work with these collections, I’ve had the honor of meeting several legends of Maine queer activism, though I assure you, they are far too humble to admit that they are legends.

I’m not sure who first told me the story of Valerie’s, or if I heard it in one of the oral histories in the collection, but I have always loved it. What I do know is that it is a great story with drama, comedy, and even some romance.

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